Photo by lauren lulu taylor on Unsplash

On Trust

Albert Berk Toledo


Trust is the bedrock of any working, healthy process in the dimension of time. The meta process is life itself. Subprocesses can be relationships, projects, healing… Anything with a definition that spans multiple moments in time.

Trust is built in the union of the universe we live in and our minds that are capable of separation. Our minds can separate from the divine union via desires and fears. Desires make our minds cling to the idea of a specific occurrence in time while our fears make us cling to the absence of a specific occurrence . These clingings are caused by pain that we experience, pain that was unbearable at the moment, so that we had to change our reality to bear it. This was done by our minds’ ability to separate from the divine. This separation is the cause of lacking trust in life, a lack of faith, a lack of sense of safety in the timeline that we live in.

How can we restore this trust once it’s damaged? By embracing pain. By not letting the pain divert us from our destiny. By loving life in an all encompassing way. By noticing that we live in the universe of contrasts and the lows are the creator of the highs as absence is the creator of presence.

Not embracing pain causes us to close our hearts to life entirely. We close off to pain as well as to joy. This might fire off our imagination in maladaptive ways. We might use our imagination to live in our heads in an alternate timeline. This can intermittently protect us from pain, however it will also lead us astray from our seamless union with the divine oneness, hence cause a life with less trust, less faith and eventually more disappointment and suffering.

The more we accept the past and the less we expect from the future, the closer we will get to eternal peace.