Photo by Ara Güler

Istanbul to Cairo, our struggle to grip onto our cities

It’s Wednesday evening in New York City. I am at work, just finishing up some coding for the day. The lyrics of the song playing in my headphones go: “What keeps me in this city is not its Bosphorus, it’s my own past. How can you be leaving, I’ve always been wondering.”

A photo I took of a tram in November 2017, Istiklal Caddesi, Istanbul
Poster of In The Last Days Of The City
A photo of a ferry I took in August 2018, Prince Islands, Istanbul
Another photo of a ferry I took in December 2017, Golden Horn, Istanbul
A photo of the Galata Tower I took in September 2018, Istanbul

Media, Tech, Middle East, Cinema • Software Engineer at VTS, formerly at Chartbeat • Istanbul | New York •

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