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We tend to resist being put into boxes, categories, “types”, because we are all unique, we really are. So, can studying personality types help in any way?

A common critique of personality types is that they put people in boxes. That makes me think of the joke, “I am a millennial, I don’t like labels!”.

The fact is that every tool we use to communicate from words to letters to labels and categories are all imperfect ways of describing something unique in the real world, by analogy or similarity.

If I need to describe a tree that you haven’t seen, I need to describe it in relation to other trees that you saw in the past, so that you can have an idea of what I am…

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There is a village of good and honest people. They all grow tomatoes and feed themselves. They use materials they find around to build their homes, make tools, make fire to stay warm etc. Everyone is self reliant, no need for help from each other. This helps with the social affairs. No drama. They only come together for entertainment and spending good time together.

One man in the village realizes that they spend a lot of time taking care of their feet. It’s because going back and forth from the field bare foot has an immense tax on their feet…

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The Turkish word for friend is arkadaş. It is made of the word arka, which means behind, and the suffix -daş which adds a meaning of commonality to the word before it. For example, the adjective made of the word name and this suffix refers to people with the same name. So this word’s makeup describes friends as people who have a common “behind”, a common past.

Having a common past, or having gone through similar experiences is a key feature of any tight knit group of humans.

Let’s look at families. Families are by definition people who share the…

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Cinema is a multimedia art form. It requires a wide range of skills. But that’s not what I mean by “the art of the polymath”.

See, though cinema is usually thought as a visual art form, it involves a great deal of sound, from music to sound effects and sound design. It involves serious writing of course, writing a screenplay is an art form in and of itself with many dimensions. Cinema involves more technology than most art forms. Editing is a complex skill of both technical know-how as well as deep intuition. …

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The philosophy behind the second amendment makes a lot of sense, for a different time in history.

I want to start by saying that I am not an expert in this topic, and I welcome any meaningful criticism and discussion around the topic as a response to this article.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

— Constitution of the United States, Amendment II

The second amendment of the U.S. constitution was intended to protect the public from a federal government that could turn against its people, much like the first amendment.

While the first amendment protects…

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The media industry is between a problem and a solution; it is a dark place. When you have a problem but the solution is not certain, it is quite anxiety-inducing. I choose not to look at the solution however as something that is out there and needs to be found, or worse yet, something that might be impossible to find if it’s not even there. I rather look at it as something we can come up with, something we can create from scratch. I am optimistic that together we can help media pass this hurdle.

So what is the problem…

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We humans are born the most incapable of all mammals. We can’t walk, or even open our eyes. But how did we end up building this giant global civilization? Media is one of the crucial ingredients that make it happen.

We are born highly inadequate because we are born relatively early due to the size of our brains. If we waited a bit more, our heads would be too big to get through the uterus. This ends up causing two things: we are underdeveloped and our brains are still very plastic after birth. This ends up being a great combination. Our lack of capabilities at birth makes us very dependent which pushes us toward improving socially and that is only possible with the plasticity of our brains.

The social relationships we build among humans enable collaboration, allowing us to live…

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It’s Wednesday evening in New York City. I am at work, just finishing up some coding for the day. The lyrics of the song playing in my headphones go: “What keeps me in this city is not its Bosphorus, it’s my own past. How can you be leaving, I’ve always been wondering.”

A frame from Khooneye Ma music video

Too tired to get along..

A little while ago, I discovered Marjan Farsad, a lovely Iranian singer and animator with a voice as soft as silk. I decided to use one of her songs as material for learning Persian, “Khooneye Ma”.

I spent hours looking up each word in the dictionary, to make sense of the sentences. Once I understood everything on paper, I tried to listen to it while following the text. The next step was to quickly write down the lyrics as I listened to the song.

A few hours later, I was going out for a movie. So I decided to put…

In the early years of the millennium Elon Musk wanted to send a small greenhouse to Mars. A surreal photo of living green plants with a red landscape in the back would spur excitement about space exploration, which Musk thought was lacking.

Fast forward almost two decades and we have people all around the world in awe, watching a live feed of a mannequin with a fashionable space suit riding an electric red sports car, heading towards Mars with a beautiful view of the blue planet in the background.

As he mentioned in various interviews, Elon Musk has thought becoming a multi-planetary species was crucial to humanity’s longterm survival. Landing men on the Moon was the first step towards this goal. Next step should have been Mars right? …

Albert Berk Toledo

Media, Tech, Middle East, Cinema • Software Engineer at VTS, formerly at Chartbeat • Istanbul | New York •

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